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When it’s time to lose weight, most people immediately think about diet and exercise. While following a balanced meal plan and getting regular activity are great for your health, they may not be the first place to begin a weight-loss plan. The microbes in your gut, your diet, and hormonal balance are all connected when it comes to weight loss. Dr. Shaw can help you create a plan to improve your gut health and lose weight.

Could your gut be in bad health?

Stress, lack of exercise, poor-quality food, toxins, heavy metals, medications, parasites, bacteria, and lack of sleep all have one thing in common: They’re related to poor gut health. When you consider the amount of food, drink, medications, and toxins you consume, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you may have an overburdened gut. And an unhealthy gut leads to many health problems, including weight gain.

How is the gut related to weight?

Gut microbes influence whether you feel full or hungry and affect your metabolic rate. They also affect the way your body:

  • Stores fat
  • Regulates glucose
  • Regulates hormones
  • Produces vitamins
  • Releases healing compounds

You have trillions of microbes in your gut, and they must be in balance in order to lose weight: If you have too many bad bacteria, they overwhelm your gut with toxins. Maintaining the right balance of microbes begins with your diet.

How does diet impact your gut?

You know that diet affects weight loss, but you may not realize the relationship between diet and the type of microbes in your gut. As it turns out, dietary changes that help you lose weight also improve the community of gut bacteria, leading to an increase in good bacteria and fewer bad bacteria. Some beneficial dietary changes include:

  • Eliminating processed foods
  • Eating plenty of fiber
  • Sticking with healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids

What approach does Dr. Shaw take to implement weight loss?

Getting your gut healthy while adjusting your eating habits is an important step for weight loss, but it’s not the only one. Dr. Shaw also evaluates your thyroid, adrenal glands, and overall hormone balance, while assessing your levels of stress and anxiety. He’ll then work with you to create a plan to maintain gut health and lose weight. Please contact Dr. Shaw to make your appointment today.

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