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Dr. Steve takes a holistic approach to achieving optimal health.  Whether through primary Chiropractic care or through the use of Functional Medicine and Science Based Nutrition, Dr. Steve in Northridge, California will find out where the problem is and restore proper health. 



The body needs specific movement to create and maintain optimal health.  Our proven methods are designed to the individual.




Our body needs balance structurally, chemically and physically.  Dr. Steve is dedicated to bringing these three things in synergistic control. 




Giving the body what it needs will restore proper function.  Dr. Steve will teach you how to maintain optimal health. 



Conditions We Help

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Back Pain

Chiropractic has long been known to be the most effective treatment for low back pain and disc injuries.



Neck Pain

Whether from an accident or just simply bad posture, Chiropractic has been helpful in returning function to the cervical spine.




Whether in a auto accident or a slip and fall, Chiropractic has helped decrease pain, restore function and proper posture.



Carpal Tunnel

Many times carpal tunnel is an inflammatory condition which can be helped with the use of Chiropractic intervention and laser therapy.




That pain shooting down the leg can be annoying and interfere in everyday life. Chiropractic care and flexion distraction have been very successful in treating it.


Joint Pain

Taking over the counter pain meds like ibuprofen may help with the immediate pain in joints, but the long term effects break down joint lining and cartilage. 


About Us


Dr. Steven Shaw


Dr. Steve Shaw is a board certified chiropractic physician in Northridge, CA with over 400 hours of post graduate training in clinical nutrition and functional medicine. He graduated from the prestigious Cleveland Chiropractic College in 2008. Since then he has been in private practice in Northridge, CA.


Dr. Steve has post doctorate education in Functional Medicine through Functional Medicine University, The Institute for Functional Medicine and Science Based Nutrition.

His true passion is helping patients achieve their optimal health and live the life they were meant to, doing the things they love with those they care about most. 


Thousands of people all over the country have reached a more optimal state of health because of his unique approach to finding the underlying cause of health problems..

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